Mona v1.1 released

About a month after the release of, we're back with our first official update to
Added by Peter about 3 years ago

What's new in v1.1?

If you have been using the trunk version of mona, you have been able to enjoy the improvements and additions that were put in place over the last few weeks.
In case you were using the release version, this is what has changed :

  • various bug fixes
  • improved rop routine
  • pattern_create function can now take custom charsets, or an extended version of the regular charset
  • the suggest routine will now produce an entire metasploit file. It will also ask if you are building a fileformat exploit, or a tcp network client or udp network client module and will build an exploit module based on those selections. It will also ask for an exploit-db ID (or URL) and scrape the original author, name of the exploit, and CVE ID.
  • new option added to the config command : author (when set, it will use this config parameter to populate the metasploit module author section)
  • the find routine can now search for a customizable nr of levels of pointers to pointers. You can even tell the find routine to subtract a certain offset from one of the pointers in one of the levels
  • the seh routine has a new option -rop, which will look for pop/pop/pop esp/ret combinations
  • the findmsp routine now searches the entire stack. You can optionally set an offset from esp too, to prevent it from searching the entire stack
  • if you use -n and/or -cpb in the suggest or skeleton routine, the badchars will be used in the BadChars section of the metasploit module
  • the egghunter routine has support for DEP bypass
  • the update routine now uses https by default. You can still use http using the -http parameter
  • you can switch between trunk and release versions by setting a parameter to the update routine
  • new commands :
  • jop : finds jump oriented programming gadgets, still very very basic and beta
  • skeleton : builds a metasploit exploit module skeleton
  • stacks : shows all stacks (base, top, size) for each thread in the application
  • last but not least : we have released documentation for all current commands in mona. We will most likely move the documentation into the wiki on redmine later on, but for now, the manual at is up-to-date. Thanks fancy for producing the video's in the documentation !