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mona: Mona v1.2 released
6 months after releasing v1.1, we're back with a new official release : v1.2
Added by Peter over 2 years ago

mona: Mona v1.1 released
About a month after the release of mona.py, we're back with our first official update to mona.py
Added by Peter about 3 years ago

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Latest projects

  • createRDP (16 Jan 2013 15:22)

    Project placeholder for createRDP.

    This little tool allows you to create .rdp files from the command line.
    Download latest version here
    (needs .Net Framework 2.0)...

  • Root Cause Analysis (13 Jan 2013 12:57)

    Project page that contains files related with the "Root Cause Analysis" Blog posts

  • Windbglib (24 Dec 2012 12:38)

    windbglib is a python wrapper library around the pykd extension for WinDBG, mimicking immlib.
    This library allows you to run mona.py from within WinDBG.
    Since mona.py was not changed (not much anyway), this will only work when debugging 32 bit user mode processes....

  • Heap Spray Scripts (26 Dec 2011 13:18)

    This project page contains the example files that are used in the Corelan Heap Spraying Tutorial.
    Go to the Files section to download the zip file.
    The zip file is password protected. The password is 'infected' (without the quotes)...

  • IDA Scripts (01 Dec 2011 10:58)